About Us

Our Purpose

MASS MUSIC RECORDS (MMR) started from a Vision in the mind of one young musician. His goal was to use his Passion and Talents fused with Determination and Will to bring to fruition incredible Music that would be Cherished and Enjoyed throughout many lifetimes. And use this Success as a Catalyst for Change.

Our Motivation

MASS (M = Mental A = Area S = Strengthens S = Structures). WE believe that what matters Most are the PEOPLE the MASS or MASSES. By putting Our minds together We can find Solutions that will help to Eradicate homelessness, starvation, and other issues plaguing Our World. So it is with Great pride that We as a Record Label Give back. We Will Achieve this through monetary donations to various Causes and Charities or through Volunteering Our time and Resources.

Our Team

MASS MUSIC RECORDS is the label of the Present and the Future! If you are Talented, have Drive, and share Our Vision of Giving back to Our Communities, then join US on Our Musical and Life journey and be apart of something Great and Timeless!